Magicians Love The Trainer Deck

“I had been wanting to learn the Mnemonica stack for some time now, but I kept putting it off.
Using Thom’s Trainer Deck and the tips […] that are included in the private web page that supplements the deck, I was able to memorize the Mnemonica stack in less than 3 hours!”
— James Marshall

“Having tried other approaches with limited success, your deck was EXACTLY the tool I needed to help me learn Mnemonica once and for all, and easily my best purchase in magic for some time.”
— Benjamin Highway

“They are really sticking with me. I am really finding your method terrific.”

— Steve Zimmerman

Thank you so much, the cards are awesome and made every thing so easy that I learnt the first 10 cards in just 10-15 minutes.”

— Ankur Arora

We Have Struggled To Master A Stack

Many have sought mastery of a MemDeck but failed; after trying, sometimes numerous times.

Born out of the frustration shared by all magicians.
We hired a professional artist whose specialty is Story Books, to create a deck consisting of images whose singular purpose is to train your mind on the stack the simplest possible way.

In magic there is much value placed on the use of a Memorized Deck. True mastery of a memorized stack requires INSTANT recall of each card's value based on its numerical position.

“It’s not merely knowing that the Queen of Spades is located at position forty-eight. Equally important, is recalling that the number 48 represents the Queen of Spades.”

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“It's hard to calculate how many hours I've spent in total, but really it's only been in relatively small units of time. A few 30mins and then the odd 10mins here and there.
And do you know what ? ......... It's been fun (should I get out more?)”
— Gary Lambert

“I have memorised the first 22 cards of mnemonica stack in the first 2 days! I have tried other methods and your cards/method are the only one where I see progress!!!

Best thing is that I spent less than 10 mins memorizing the 10 new images and throughout the day tested myself on the cards!”

— Barnabas Koh

With The Trainer Deck you can commit to memory ONE IMAGE that encapsulates the card value and its position in the stack. Each card was designed to form an immediate association IN A SINGLE IMAGE. The greatly expedites the learning process AND ensures you will retain it permanently.

The Trainer Deck

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